BLCR 8mm 2.0MP 6-LED Wireless Wi-Fi Endoscope with Hardwire (5m)


WiFi Wireless Endoscope, changed the traditional android endoscope's limitations of smartphone models and system requirements. Armed with bendable semi-rigid cable can bend and hold it's shape to access a wide variety of confined place. It can be used for underwater camera, WATERPROOF Micro-cameras, motor vehicle detector, sewer pipeline detector, search and rescue, criminal and custom detector, archaeological detect, the PCB detection, aviation and space industries, care and tractors industries, petroleum drilling industries, constructions , etc.  

6 tiny white LED's that are adjustable from OFF to full brightness for those dark places you want to look into and allow you to work better.


High Resolution that comes with 2 megapixels CMOS camera, which provide you clear close range HD video and snapshot image. The ability of record video or snap still images allowing you capture image in JPG format and video in AVI format with 640x480, 1280 x 720 two adjustable resolutions.


 Easy set up and installation. Just scan a QR code to download a free app to your smartphone or tablet and connect your device to the camera's Wi-Fi network. 

  • Viewing Angle (Degree):85°
  • Support System: Compatible with iPhone, Android and PC
  • Weatherproof / Weatherproof level : IP67
  • Resolution: 640*480,HD 720P 1280*720
  • Camera: 2.0 mega pixel
  • Focal distance: 4-6 cm ( the best )
  • Camera Head Diameter: 8.0mm
  • Light: 6 adjustable white LED Lights
  • Frequency:2.425GHz-2.493GHz
  • Transmission distance: 5-30M
Package includes:
  • 1 wireless endoscope
  • 1 wifi box & power bank (2in1 kits)
  • 1 side mirror
  • 1 hook
  • 1 magnet


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